I thought I would take this time to provide an update as to the latest news from the association.

This spring the A.P.C.C.C.A held two measures. One measuring was held in Camrose, AB and another one in St. Paul, AB. A total of 105 horses were measured in, 9 measured out, and an additional 33 were grandfathered in from the Interprovincial measuring system, for a total of 147 horses measured in the 2020 season.

There are still discussions ongoing with various event committees about the potential for races in 2020 (further information will be released as the details are finalized). However, the rest of the members on the executive and I have decided that there will be no points at any events in 2020 and the final standings from 2019 will be used to determine entries for limited shows in 2021 (along with invites stipulated by event committees). Also, any new drivers competing at events in 2020 will maintain their rookie status for 2021.

Finally, to ensure that any competitors who are a part of other associations who have given up on racing in 2020, can still participate in the sport of chuckwagon and chariot racing. Horses that have been measured and marked with Interprovincial hoof or permanent brands, will be permitted to compete at any event under contract by the A.P.C.C.C.A during the 2020 race season.

Will Evans