Hello Everyone,

The All-Pro Canadian Chuckwagon and Chariot Association has scheduled a second measuring date in St Paul, Alberta for June 20th, 2020. More information on the facility will be sent out once it is finalized.

We will be keeping the number of people within the provincial Public Health order guidelines at any given time throughout the day.

We will have volunteers on site to help communicate when it is your turn to bring your horses in. Please show the utmost courtesy to these volunteers. We also ask that you leave your horses loaded and remain in your vehicle until notified.

We are asking that no one hangs around socializing in the building once your horses have been measured, chipped and branded.

In order to properly plan for this year’s measuring, I’m asking that members who plan to measure horses please reply to this email or call Will Evans (403) 304-3956 with how many horses you are bringing to measure and how many you are bringing to grandfather.

We will be measuring in 6 different groups throughout the day.

1. 9:00 am
2. 10:30am
3. 12:00 pm
4. 1:30 pm
5. 3:00pm
6. 4:30 pm

Please indicate what time you will be on site, and how many horses you have to measure/grandfather.

All horses that are being Grandfathered and any without an All-Pro chip will need to fill out the horse identification sheet attached. Please have this sheet filled out prior to your measuring time slot.

The executive appreciates the cooperation from the members through this complicated situation. More information will be released as it is made available.

Will Evans