GMC Taste The Dust Tour

All Pro, GMC Taste the Dust Tour

 The All pro Canadian chuckwagon and chariot association's main goal is to promote and offer to as many people as possible, the opportunity to see one of Alberta's truly original western sports... the

"Chuckwagon/Chariot Races"

Since those humble beginnings we now boast that we have entertained millions of home grown Albertans as well as guests and visitors from around the world...from small town Alberta where we still run on grass tracks to major televised and radio events such as Red Deer Westerner Days (North American Championships), to The Grande Prairie and Ponoka Stompede. Just as the people who appreciate us coming to their " neck of the woods" we are equally proud to be able to continue to offer them the opportunity to see and visit with us...and give them the chance to "Taste The Dust"... that's been our commitment for over 40 years.

Just as our fans have increased, so has our "Chuckwagon & Chariot Family." Today we have over 80 wagon outfits going up and down the roads of Western Canada.

Along with our wagons, we include our Chariot teams that bring an additional level of excitement for our fans and are a big part of our shows. These two horse hitches pulling a small chariot type cart around a track have been the starting point for many of our wagon drivers that we have today.

Just as sure as the sun will settle behind those majestic rocky mountains of Alberta... the sport of chuckwagon racing will continue to be a cherished time honored event by the finest Canadian cowboys and cowgirls of the All Pro Chuckwagon and Chariot Racing Association.

Corporate Sponsors

Simply stated... no sponsors... no chuckwagon racing!

We understand that statement extremely are such an important part of our family. You are the heart that keeps us alive...without you...were nothing...we know the importance of ensuring that all our sponsors are well informed and respected...but most importantly ... that their products and or services are promoted. It's our commitment to you... we do everything possible to make it a win win situation.

As an association we will be doing our part as well, during the off-season...attending as many events as we can and setting up in various malls and trade fairs in the province. This will allow us to recognize and promote our sponsors constantly through-out the year.

Most of us from a very early age have been taught that a man's word along with a handshake will go a long way when dealing with people. We live by that golden rule...period.

To humbly ask for sponsorship and not be there to assist him in anything we can offer that would help promote his or her business just is not right. Our promise to you is simple...

"We will do what ever we can to promote your business while offering you our full support and presence in anything you require of us and most importantly... always show you our heartfelt thanks."

Our promotions director will work directly with you in assisting and suggesting creative ways we feel we can be of assistance to you in promoting your business and services.

Our year round promotions will now include a complete "sponsorship access program." Our new slogan and advertising campaign is "Taste the Dust Pro Tour." This program will allow you to have access to our promotion director anytime and request our appearances at any event you it sale day...grand opening ...or a poster-signing event... we are here for you. We can setup a wagon display and bring in drivers if you wish. Be creative and let us help you promote your business.

Rules of the Race 

  • A Chuckwagon will consist of four horses per outfit 
  • A Chariot will consist of two horses per outfit   
  • A Chuckwagon/Chariot race will consist of two to four wagons   
  • An individual Chuckwagon/Chariot race is referred to as a HEAT   
  • Each Chuckwagon/Chariot will start on the right side of its starting barrel, with the hub of the real wheels in line with any part of the barrel closest to the racetrack (Track barrel)   
  • A horn (Klaxon) is used as a starting signal for a Chuckwagon/Chariot race   
  • Each Chuckwagon/Chariot must cut a figure 8 pattern around their respective barrels only   
  • Chuckwagons/Chariots then run around the racetrack in a counter clockwise direction   
  • A Chuckwagon's/Chariot's RUNNING TIME will be determined when the nose of its first horse crosses the finish line   
  • A Chuckwagon's/Chariot's TOTAL TIME will be determined by adding its RUNNING TIME to any PENALTIES it may have incurred during the course of the race 

Wagon/chariot interference - 1 second
Holder assistance after the horn - 2 seconds
Delay of race - 2 seconds
Wagon/chariot starting ahead of the barrel - 2 seconds
Wagon/chariot starting ahead of the horn - 2 seconds
False start - 2 seconds
Rolled up sleeves (driver or holder) - 2 seconds
No western hat at start of race exception hard hat - 2 seconds
No matching jackets - 2 seconds
Holder interference - 2 seconds
Holder knocking over a barrel - 2 seconds
Driver interference after the race - 2 seconds
Whipping with the end of the lines or hands - 2 seconds
Dragging lines - 2 seconds
No number on wagon/chariot - 2 seconds
Tarp or sign flapping or loose - 2 seconds
Wagon/chariot knocking over a barrel - 5 seconds/barrel
Driver using hand to hold barrel from being knocked over - 5 seconds
Off course - 5 seconds
Deliberately being slow into the barrels delaying the race - 5 seconds
Cutting off another driver - 5 to 10 seconds
Crowding another driver - 5 to 10 seconds
Interference with another outfit - 5 to 10 seconds
Foul or abusive language - 2 to 12 seconds
Abusive gestures - 2 to 12 seconds
Wagon/chariot missing a barrel - 10 seconds/barrel